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13 Strings, Vol. 1 - Sergey Malov, violin / violoncello da spalla
CD audio - EAS 29220 - Total Time: 66' 27'' - Worldwide Release: 15 Septemeber 2013

ICMA Nomination 2014
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Tracking List


J. S. BACH (1685-1750) 
Cello Suite I in G major BWV 1007 

1.    I. Prelude
2.    II. Allemande
3.    II. Courante
4.    IV. Sarabande
5.    V. Menuet I & II
6.    VI. Gigue


BÉLA BARTÓK (1881-1945) 
Sonata for Violin Solo Sz. 117 (1944) 
7.    I. Tempo di ciaccona
8.    II. Fuga
9.    III. Melodia

10.  IV. Presto

J. S. BACH (1685-1750) 
Cello Suite VI in D major BWV 1012 

11.    I. Prelude
12.    II. Allemande
13.    III. Courante
14.    IV. Sarabande
15.    V. Gavotte I & II
16.    VI. Gigue


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About the Artist


Sergey Malov

About the Project


It is always fascinating to observe the interconnections between works, composers, and performers. In the case now before us, one can identify without much difficulty the fundamental concept that gives this programme meaning and coherence. Therefore, in order to approach the question in the appropriate manner, we have gone back to the sources, the origins, which, in this context, take the form of manuscripts, letters, and personal testimonies. Moreover, in the present instance, the performer becomes an active and meaningful part of the story, as he has two points in common with the idea behind the project: first, because he is at once a violinist and a violist, and secondly, because of his Hungarian ancestry; the significance of both these aspects will become clearer as we proceed with our discussion on the booklet. 

Of Russian and Hungarian descent, Sergey Malov, accompanied by his three instruments - the violin, viola and violoncello da spalla - travels off the beaten path with every one of his projects.‘13 Strings’ combines J.S. Bach’s Cello Solo Suites, played on the five string instrument violoncello da spalla, with works by modern Hungarian composers. 

Thomastik-Infiel Vienna

eaSonus thanks Thomastik-Infiel Vienna for sponsoring this project as well as the craftsmanship of the new violoncello da spalla strings and the long-lasting commitment to quality in the world of string instruments.


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