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Franz Schubert, early piano sonatas

Franz Schubert, early piano sonatas (Vol. 2) - Elisabeth Leonskaja, piano 
Casebound Book: 4 Audio CDs - EAS 29314 / Book: 48 pages / Languages: English and Deutsch
Total Time: 3:15:08 h. - Worldwide Release: March 2019

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CD 1

Sonata in E minor, D157 

01. Allegro ma non troppo

02. Andante

03. Menuetto: Allegro vivace


Sonata in E minor, D566

04. Moderato

05. Allegretto


Sonata in A minor, D537

 06. Allegro ma non troppo 

 07. Allegretto quasi Andantino

 08. Allegro vivace 

CD 3

Sonata in A-flat major, D557

 01. Allegro moderato

 02.  Andante 

 03.  Allegro


Sonata in E-flat major, D568

 04. Allegro moderato

 05. Andante molto

 06. Menuetto - Allegretto

 07. Allegro moderato


Sonata in B major, D575

08. Allegro ma non troppo

09. Andante 

10. Scherzo. Allegretto

11. Allegro giusto 


CD 2

Sonata in C major, D279

 01. Allegro moderato 

 02 . Andante 

 03. Menuetto - Allegro vivace

 04. Allegretto


Sonata in E major, D459

 05. Allegro moderato  

 06. Scherzo. Allegro

 07. Adagio

 08. Scherzo. Allegro

 09. Allegro patetico



CD 4

Sonata in F minor, D625                 

01. Allegro (D625)

02. Adagio (D505)

03. Scherzo: Allegretto (D505)

04. Allegro (D505)


Sonata in E major, D664

05. Molto moderato 

06. Andante

07. Allegro


Sonata in C major, D760, “Wandererfantasie” 

08. Allegro con fuoco ma non troppo

09. Adagio

10. Presto

11. Allegro

Book Contents


A guide to discovering Schubert’s sonatas 

Miguel Ángel Marín

Accompanying booklet to the Elisabeth Leonskaja complete recordings

eaSonus, 2 vols. 2016 and 2019


 1. Schubert’s piano

Schubert the pianist

Composing for piano

A note on performances of the sonatas through time


2. Schubert’s image


“A poor and forgotten composer”

The recovery of Schubert’s music and the shadow of Beethoven


3. An impossible oeuvre

How many sonatas did Schubert write?

Unfinished sonatas


4. Experimenting: D157 to D664

The first attempts

Schubert’s emergence in 1817

A transition



5. The consolidation: D784 to D960

Reaching maturity

The year of the sonata: 1825


The final trilogy


6. Bibliography


7. Appendix 1: the sonatas in this recording


8. Appendix 2: List of figures


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Elisabeth Leonskaja feels life, people and music intuitively. Long standing friendships and continuous work on certain repertoire, like the Schubert Piano Sonatas, define the essence of her being. She doesn't give up and looks for answers only in herself. Just like life, music is a pilgrimage. There is a spiritual goal and one should keep an open heart and listen to one's own intuition, in order to advance, stay inwardly healthy and grow on this path. 




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